Postcards Moments

I love reading anything by Catherine Bruns. When I read her post on Postcard Moments-How to Easily Clarify What is Meaningful to You, I had to try it. It’s all about visualizing and clarifying what you want to create, the feeling or the experience that is meaningful or satisfying. It can help plan a weekend, a getaway, a work environment, the fullness of life–anything.

You are welcome to laugh at my drawings. One high school (health) teacher actually told me that I could never take art, or he would warn the teacher, and I wouldn’t get in. So when the math class I signed up for was full, instead I took Art I my senior year, right near his classroom. I took that coach stick figure drawings and other noble creations every week. He groaned. I smiled. I love being a smart aleck.

Even better than working against is working towards. I think I knew even then that art was for me, even if drawing wasn’t. Art is for everyone.

These days I’m visualizing–future home, future job, future relationships, future fun.

Postcard moments don’t have to be drawings. They can be made with words, or cut out of magazines. I love blank index cards and colorful pens. So even though I don’t draw beautifully, I force myself to make mental pictures, really reach for them, and put down a few notes. How do I want to feel? What do I want to see? What are the deeply satisfying moments for me in life? What do I want to project? Sometimes I think, “if I could write a scene in a movie, what would it look like?”

What are the moments that are meaningful to you? What makes you feel deeply satisfied, alive, awake, present, and fulfilled?

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