Travel = the Secret to Living Forever

Admit it. We’re getting older. In Mblazoned’s post on mid-life crisis, she claims a bunch of us are going around with a death age in mind, the age of a parent at death. Hers is 66. It hit me: I did that when my sister died. I took her death age. Which is weird, because she was younger than me. The day she died I felt a sense of doom, like I was living on borrowed time. Mblazoned wrote,

“Basically, we are all just sitting around waiting to get cancer…to find out which flavor we are queued up to fight and then tragically succumb to.”

When my daily life doesn’t pan out, and I feel unfulfilled, absent, at odds with reality, hurt by others, ignored, invisible, powerless, or even failure, I think, hey, cancer’s coming. I should enjoy this miserable day. Because soon I’ll have cancer.

Those are not the thoughts I have when traveling. When wind is whipping my hair down the highway. When I’ve told all my responsibilities to hold until next week. When I have a full tank of gas, a hill to climb, and a couple of honeys who will go with me. In that moment, I am alive. It helps knowing I don’t have to clean the hotel room floors, and that we go out for dinner.

Many things transport us: singing, breathing, a good night’s sleep. Especially travel. When I travel, I feel awake, present, and fully being. In fact, it may be the time I actually exist for myself. It isn’t always epic happiness, but simple awareness, presence. It crystalizes during travel. I feel the vibrations of my travel experience echo in the world, for eternity: this was when one vibrant soul was, and it was enough.

In that way travel heightens being. It elevates. Being fully present reverberates through time and space. It ripples.Through all beings. Forever. It continues. Goodness begets goodness. Nothing is lost. All are one. Perhaps this happens every day, in all situations. But when we get out and go, we find it. We feel it. It happens.

So yes. I know it sounds strange. But I believe, and so can you: travel is a gateway to immortality.

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